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We are pleased to announce the New TRX CVP Elite Upgrade. Over 600 complete registration with New Custom Sounds and matching styles bringing your CVP to the most luxurious piano/keyboard ever built.

ANDRE BALLADS (Beautiful New Solo HD Violin with Orchestral Strings)

ANDRE RIEU (Popular Andre Rieu full string orchestra)

BERTS PLACE (All New famous Bert Kempfert Selection)

DAVID’S DIXIE (David Harrild’s Popular Dixieland Jazz Band)

JAMES LAST (Popular Orchestra with Fast Latin & Soft Ballad Styles)

KLAUSLAND (Euro Organs with Ballad & Latin Styles)

ORGAN AGOGO (Popular Organ & Sax from James Last with Jazz & Latin)

PAN ECHO'S (Superb Pan Pipes & Orchestra with Latin & Ballad Styles)

PIANO SUPREME (Superior Piano left hand at all times with Piano & Sax)

TED HEATH (Ted Heath Big Band sounds with Fast & Slow Styles)

To name just a few with hundreds more to choose from !


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